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default Communication breakdown.

on 8/9/2013, 15:43
Just made a big effort to attend the u18s game at the College - walked down from Bowerham - only to find 3 games in progress but non of them involving our U18s. It transpires that the game was called off because of some failure with nets, that seems pretty lame duck given that 3 games were in full swing, but, on the evidence so far, nobody saw fit to get the word out. Wherever the problem lies it needs sorting, it's naff PR and doesn't augur well for the new college partnership, someone needs to be holding their hand up about this incident because if we are really serious about getting people involved at all levels then a little respect would go a long way - right now I am one very unhappy bunny.
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default Re: Communication breakdown.

on 8/9/2013, 19:04
I personally wasn't aware of any postponement until George Norrie (who I'd told an hour earlier there was an U18s game at the College ! ) rang me to say it was off and there was a problem with the nets.

Very strange. First I'd heard of it. I checked the North West Youth Alliance website afterwards which indeed showed the game as postponed but I hadn't thought to check it at any stage because I naturally had no concerns about the game being postponed for any reason, let alone because there was no nets. Although if there were no nets and there were still games going on I've no idea.

The whole U18s set up with the College is in it's very early stages and hopefully these will just be teething problems. Apologies to those who did make the walk down in this weather but I had no idea the game was off.

I'll have an update for everyone RE: the games at L&M College and communication issues on the official website when I found out what happened/is happening.

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