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on 27/9/2017, 12:01
Apparently just over 1300 people went to watch Morecambe V Luton last night, result 0 0.
206 watched an excellent 4 0 win in Lancaster.
Cheapest tickets at the Globe are about twice the price of Giant Axe entry.
So next home game try and drag a friend down, especially if they have watched MFC....
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default Re: Attendances

on 27/9/2017, 16:33
Two questions.

Should consideration be given to having midweek matches on a different night to Morecambe?

But........the attendance at the Globe was about 1,350. If there hadn't have been a game there, how many of those would have come to the Giant Axe?

I wouldn't have thought it would have increased our 206 by many.
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default Re: Attendances

on 27/9/2017, 17:05
Champions League was on the box too but we've banged this drum before. Some night games we get quite a few down others we don't, whether they are at home or not. I work in the Town Centre and loads were talking bout the Dollies today but getting them to go and watch is a different matter. I would have expected more down this campaign after last season's heroics but it's been like this for years. I think the attendances are up on average this season but don't quote me on that.
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default Re: Attendances

on 27/9/2017, 17:34
The leagues would never make that sort of swop to another night and I'm sure that true Shrimps fans would not want to swop their colours but if you could twist the odd arm and show them what they are missing we could bump it up a little bit.
I'd suggest that a good few of that 1300 went as it was a nice night, nothing else to do, prefer to watch a live game - they just chose the wrong venue.
I know several shrimps have commented on their forum in the past when they have gone along on boxing day or when its been free entry, that the football is not good enough to inspire them to go regularly. These are the sort of people that we should be targeting.
Alot of people probably think our is no better than park football with a fence but last night was, as mentioned elsewhere, terrific stuff. The sort of game were you want to come back for more.
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