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default For all you budding photographers out there!

13/7/2018, 21:02
Would you like to see your photos on the cover of Lancaster City's Programme - the "Blue Review"?

The chairman said (and I agree with him) that it would be great if we could change the photo on our programme cover more often, if not every game then every 2, 3 or 4 games.

So here's an appeal to all you who take pictures at Giant Axe and post them on twitter and facebook.

Let's be having your handywork on the cover of your matchday programme - so when you take them, also send them to me for inclusion. There's no financial reward as I'm far too tight for that - but we will credit you in print for your handywork. PDF's and JPegs are fine and the email address is:- pressytheprinter@yahoo.com

Get snapping away folks!
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default Re: For all you budding photographers out there!

17/7/2018, 11:46
Brilliant idea! hope it can work.
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