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default Brig

5/9/2018, 20:53
Finally a point! I thought that we just about deserved it too, although they will feel that they should've won it at the end. We look very weak at centre half, allowed numerous free headers & were easily turned a number of times. Anyone know where Glenn Steel was? I thought Blinkhorn looked good,winning a number of headers. I think we were playing 4 4 1 1 (but what do I know?) but who knows who was supposed to be playing close to Blinks? Was it Rob Wilson? Thought we looked much better when Charlie came on & when we actually played aggressively we looked much better. The reaction of the players showed that it matters to them, & it was good to hear the fans getting behind the lads too
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6/9/2018, 12:59
Much better against an unbeaten side full of confidence. Agree we look shaky at the back still which is a concern, but luckily it appears we have a good goalie.

Still think we are far too slow in and around the box. Far more urgency needed in getting crosses in or shots away. We barely create any chances most matches, but that's been the way for a while.

A step in the right direction, but a long way to go.

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