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default Phil Brown

9/9/2018, 18:05
It seems sad that there is nothing on here but I suppose it has all gone to Twitter and such! However notwithstanding this season where things have not gone (ahem) to plan quite Phil got us out of Division 1 - no mean feat given the budget! And for this feat alone he deserves our thanks. There is also the fact that he seems to have recognized when things had gone beyond his control and resigned, in time, we hope for someone to come in and turn things around - again we have to thank him for that also - it takes a big heart to admit defeat

Thank you very much Phil Brown and good luck!
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default Re: Phil Brown

9/9/2018, 21:31
Yes, let's remember that Stimpson/Hesketh/Stingfellow/Wainwright and Peacock all failed to get us out of First Division North. That's not denigrating their efforts; there will have been differences in the size of budgets over the years, but it was Phil Brown who got us out after ten years of trying and he deserves credit for that.

After taking ten years to get out, we don't want to end up back there two seasons later.
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