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default never in 50 years of supporting..

25/9/2018, 21:43
Have I been so angry and embarrassed by what my club has become! maybe a new manager will sort out this nightmare...cannot come soon enough for me Embarassed confused
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default Re: never in 50 years of supporting..

25/9/2018, 22:44
In my 20+ years of supporting this club I've never seen such a gutless and all out shambolic display as that tonight.

Any respectful manager would resign on the spot after that. PB did.

Even when we were in administration and getting beat 5-0 every week we were less embarrassing than that today.
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default Re: never in 50 years of supporting..

26/9/2018, 10:24
Wasn't there last night but up until yesterday I thought we were improving. We have now failed to beat three teams from lower divisions over 90 minutes on home soil and that speaks volumes about the current state of affairs. Bottom of the league and out of two cup competitions before the end of September. It surely can't get any worse. Need a new manager urgently.
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default Re: never in 50 years of supporting..

26/9/2018, 10:39
I wasn,t there , I was perfecting my own shambolic performance on a table tennis table. I think we need the non league version of a Pullis / Warnock / Big Sam to dig us out of this hole we are in . Players who are promoted up are not the answer. Local players are not the answer. This standard is too high for that. Its not rocket science , any manager will tell you its the spine of the team you need to have in place . Keeper physically strong and experienced along with centre backs , centre midfield the same and 20 plus a season striker up top . My question is do we have those in place?
Now is the time to act , be brave assess who's costing what and if they are delivering. If not use the money for other players and management. Time is tight gentlemen!
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default Re: never in 50 years of supporting..

26/9/2018, 12:43
After relative encouragement of the last few games it was some big steps backwards last night. Worrying that what might be considered our best back four or at least elements of it without Steel, and charnock, who I think had made a few changes to their regular line up, gave them the run around from start to finish
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default Re: never in 50 years of supporting..

26/9/2018, 16:25
Agree with the comments. I have been watching over 50 years and not seen anything as bad. Even in the North West counties we were never as bad as last night. Enjoyed the season from Hell more last night the players looked lost.There was no need to make the challenge for the penalty and Will was taken off shortly after.The only way we will get out of this mess is by getting a non league manager in that can bring 3 or 4 better players in and hope the rest can gel with them. If we lose the 2 away games the harder it becomes to get out of the bottom 4.
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default Outplayed by a service station

26/9/2018, 20:58
The only positive to come from that display was some new black humour about losing to a motorway service station. CR didn't need to be any good (they weren't) - they just needed to care.

At least we can't say Stanners doesn't listen. We've all been complaining about having one up front. So he changed it! Yes, we saw the unveiling of the none up front strategy. I would say it was a 3-7-0 formation exception that Wilson might as well not have been there and Simon Wills counted negative, so that makes it 3-4-0. Making Winder wear the number 9 shirt was sheer cruelty.

Who had a good game? er... Stone, Steel, Hudson, Sam Bailey, Baker, Kilifin, Jarvis (clue - none of them was playing). The new youngsters didn't distinguish themselves, but I'm not blaming them. This was a game where the established players needed to take a lead, but nobody did.

One glorious exception - Blinks. He came on for the last 20 minutes or so and displayed more passion and commitment than all the rest put together. Only then did we look like scoring and taking it to penalties - but, to be honest, over the whole match we deserved to lose, and were a little lucky only to lose by one goal.

Earlier we saw one of the most idiotic challenges ever by Simon Wills, pushing their forward over when he was going nowhere just inside the box.

I was happier during the season from hell. We may have been crap but at least we cared. Where do we go from here?
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default Re: never in 50 years of supporting..

27/9/2018, 19:34
Quite frankly at present we do not have enough players who are good enough or tough enough to fight our way out of the hole we have got ourselves in.You cannot expect the youngsters to do it. They proved that on Tuesday and anyway experience tells us so. Of the more experienced players, some are having poor seasons (I have to say that Wilson in particular has been a massive disappointment) while others have flattered to deceive, with little real impact. Killer will do a decent job when fit as a squad member and we really need Sam Bailey back as a driving force in midfield, where at present we are totally lacking. We are in a tough league and , as has been suggested, we need a manager with knowledge of this level who can bring in 2 or 3 tough characters to put in with those in the current squad who are good enough and gritty enough.
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default Re: never in 50 years of supporting..

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