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10/11/2019, 11:57
Well that was a sickener, conceding an equaliser to what was literally the last kick of the game (second last, if you want to be pedantic and include City kicking off before the final whistle). In the last analysis, I don't see that it matters that much, despite the players' looking as if they had just suffered a heavy defeat, rather than secure a point which puts us temporarily second. Top of the league in November counts for nothing, other than meaning that we are a respectable distance from the relegation places. there will be plenty of ups and downs before the season's end.
I thought we played some cracking football in the first half, and it took a superb save to prevent Nozza from doubling the lead with a header just before the interval. Second half we faded a bit, and Sam Ashton had to produce another of his world class efforts to prevent Hyde equalising earlier. It certainly looked as if Lewis Fensome's goal had settled it, but the fat lady still had a song in her locker.
The gate was bitterly disappointing: I suspect that some had headed south to watch the Enemy on the Ribble. They don't need you, folks, but City do. Come back home to where the real action is.
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10/11/2019, 14:34
Apparently the referee signalled 5 minutes to the linesman even though the linesman put 3 on the board. That, plus Fell’s usual needless injury time substitution, explains why Hyde were allowed to score in the 96th minute.
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10/11/2019, 16:49
I thought that we played quite well. The very late equaliser was worth a point in any game. The biggest disappointment for me was that we didn't kill the game off much earlier. We were by far the better side, but didn't make that count. Non-scoring strikers are still an issue
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