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default Mark Fell

29/11/2019, 14:15
Don’t want to pry, but anyone know how temporary we’re talking? Days, weeks, months? Good of the board to be swift with the statement but it poses a massive risk to the current league situation surely? He looked ok stood in the stand on Saturday, but appreciate things aren’t always physical.
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default Re: Mark Fell

29/11/2019, 17:14
Whatever is wrong with Mark, I would like to wish him a speedy & full recovery. It would seem that he has really been putting the hours & miles in & it's bound to take a toll on a man with a young family & a fulltime job
John Reddan
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default Re: Mark Fell

29/11/2019, 19:16
Yes get well soon Mark, you have been bloody terrific this season.

Speedy recovery
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default Re: Mark Fell

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