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default Tuesday Night Incident

4/12/2019, 17:46
Don't know what happened last night as I was standing too far away. However, it is being reported as a homophobic incident on the BBC website which won't do much for the club's reputation if we are found guilty.
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default Re: Tuesday Night Incident

4/12/2019, 21:17
I wasn't there, but if the reported attendance of 99 is correct, it shouldn't be difficult to identify the culprits.
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default Re: Tuesday Night Incident

5/12/2019, 09:22
Whilst I am not trying to condone any such behaviour should it have  happened. I do think management and coaching teams have to rethink their behaviour when so close to fans. Both manager and coaches after 5 minutes were regularly turning towards to fans and arguing with them. When a linesman can see an incident twenty yards from where he is stood I find it hard to believe the foul and abusive language of coach Sinclair why did he not report their foul language to the referee.
, if the referee had  taken the action he should have done (yellow card) possibly this could have been avoided. the behaviour of the Radcliff bench was totally unacceptable when small children are present. I feel sad that their physio feels she has to take this action but maybe she needs to have a word with her management team and tell them to tone it own a little.
Personally I am getting really fed up with having games ruined by away teams staffs foul language and abusive behaviour. my advice to them is its non-league football not the premier league and to a get a grip.
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default Re: Tuesday Night Incident

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