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default Re: Salford WGT

2/2/2014, 09:18
That was probably the most disappointing result of the season, given the circumstances. A goal up in the  first minute, then a very dubious penalty brings Salford level in their only shot of the first half. We played the only football on show but seemed to have little idea on how to break them down with a two-man advantage. Then they break away and score at the death. A big chance missed with Brig not playing and Rammy losing. Maybe we play too much football at times and need to adapt to changing situations. It looks to me like a three-horse race for fifth place with Brig and Rammy but performances like yesterday make us definite outsiders.
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default Re: Salford WGT

6/2/2014, 19:28

as if they didnt get enough luck on Saturday!!
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