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default Disagreement?

19/6/2014, 17:20
It seems people are looking for disagreements to liven up the forum pre-season, so I will put in my threepennorth early on the subject of the Lancashire Cup/Junior Cup/Marsden Trophy or whatever it may currently be called and say that I hate and dread it. In the 60s and early 70s it carried some kudos, with fixtures played on a Saturday and drawing crowds equal to or greater than those which attended League matches. It is now a dinosaur, simply an opportunity for players to get injured or suspended (remember Ryan Winder last season), a money-loser, and a distraction from the serious business of gaining promotion. It should be gently laid to rest. (Having said that, I will turn up to watch and, if City were to win it, I would cheer, but I tend to be relieved rather than otherwise when we are knocked out.)
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