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South of the river
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default Re: Clitheroe defeat

27/8/2014, 22:47
Conmac End wrote:
South of the river wrote:Well that's me told.  How can I possibly post on here again after such a dressing-down?  I've made such a fool of myself on a public and nationally-known forum.[/quote

Roll on term time. LOL

Yes indeed. Kids all back at school and I can go on holiday much more cheaply.
P.S. Thank you Brocker for an informative and sarcasm-free contribution.[/quot

Do you not feel that Conmac's comment was rather sarcastic?
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default Re: Clitheroe defeat

28/8/2014, 08:45
Yes I do, that's why I replied. You both either think I'm a teacher or that my comments are "teacher speak" but you're wrong on both counts. I simply express an opinion, which is what I assume this forum is for, rather than ill-informed backbiting. How about you make some constructive and intelligent comments and cut out the sarcasm? Anyway, apology accepted.
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