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default Dubious referreeing costs any chance of a result

30/9/2014, 15:18
I use the term dubious diplomatically, it was a travesty of justice and a classic example of 'prima donna' officiating on Sunday. At the time the farcical stuff started the girls were 3-2 down but right on top and I felt for them as a series of bad decisions knocked them from pillar to post ending up in a 7-2 defeat, something they certainly didn't deserve and which wouldn't have happened if the referree hadn't ruined the contest.
The basic problem was he thought he was referreeing the World Cup Final and completely forgot the level he was actually at, commonsense and a little thought would have done everyone a favour instead of the dramatics which bordered on an audition for 'Strictly' - his charge to the penalty spot, arm outraised, when he gave a penalty for handball, which from where I was standing looked ball to hand with no advantage, brought roars of derision from around the dugouts. I am not in favour of criticising officials but they too have a responsibilty to be sensible, especially when handling teams basically new to the game, this sort of performance leaves you wondering why you bother going down, the match wasn't about football but referreeing and that's simply not right.
My main purpose in posting this was not to focus on the referreeing itself but to highlight the effects that people who are given authority to officiate can have when they get it blatantly wrong. I trust the girls will have had time to move past the events of Sunday and taken the positives away from the game, you were every bit the equals of Mill Hill girls and one game does not a season make, it's a steep learning curve and there will be other days every bit as frustrating in the future but no matter how bad they are there are always positives and it is those you need to focus on - good luck and I will be down for more games.
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default Re: Dubious referreeing costs any chance of a result

7/10/2014, 12:40
Good job it was only women's football.
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