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default loan signings

25/2/2015, 18:30
....any news on the promised signings?
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default Re: loan signings

25/2/2015, 20:18
Surely it is better to play players that will be here next season than bring loan players in who will not be stopping. The better reserve players should be given a go to see if they can make the step up if we have injuries. The 2 earlier in the season did not improve us.
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default Re: loan signings

25/2/2015, 20:41
I liked the two loan lads we had in earlier. It's just a shame we had a full squad at that time and they didn't get much of a look in. Sam Livesey I thought had some very good cameos for us.

No new loan signings at present.

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default Re: loan signings

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