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default Clitheroe

20/10/2015, 12:40
Time to register a mid-week win? I'm on 2-10 so I'll be relying on the twit. Get behind the boys! #Burnawitch
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20/10/2015, 21:52
Painful that.

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21/10/2015, 08:24
Well all I can say after that is, PB will know who he wants to keep and who's next out of the door, I personally would say we need at least another 5 in on that performance !

I don't believe PB will be very happy with that, we can all blame the 1 man in the middle for some poor decisions but, a slow start and crazy defending plus AT's early injury cost us, and with no real bite in midfield yet or 2/3 strikers (with at least one of them who can finish the season on 25+ goals) we will continue to struggle at this level, well until PB gets who he needs
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21/10/2015, 17:33
We deserved to lose that and were lucky not to lose by more than one goal. The first half was horrible apart from our goal and the second half wasn't a great deal better. Ryan Winder has been excellent for most of this season, but when he has an off-day, as he did yesterday, nobody else seems to be able to provide the creative spark. I expect to see a lot of changes.

What happened to AT? Workingtonitis?
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