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default TV stars?

30/10/2015, 17:33
Who watched the Salford docu last night?
In amongst all the doom, gloom & bickering on here lately I reckon next weeks second part may fuel a bit of positivity amongst us Dollies if the trailer is anything to go by.

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default Re: TV stars?

1/11/2015, 14:39
They also have the problem of professional players not realising that lads at this level also have day jobs which at times affect their football
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default Re: TV stars?

1/11/2015, 15:17
It was a good show, good to see the Evostik including Lancaster on prime time BBC1.

In terms of the professionalism thing yes I think they needed to realise players have other commitments, however I think some frustration stemmed from the lack of a professional attitude. These are guys that were not only professionals but professionals at the most successful club in the land used to constant self improvement and repeated winning. A good attitude should be possible at all levels of the game, just as we've seen a bad one is also possible at all levels of the game.

As for Phil Power, whilst one is wary of how these things are cut together, its clear that whilst he might have been the right man for a club near the bottom of the league with low expectations he was out of his depth when they suddenly became a club wanting to go places.

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default Re: TV stars?

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