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default It's a joke!

17/11/2015, 20:43
I've just got back from Bamber Bridge where the floodlights were off at 1930 and most of the ground in darkness.
I had been on the road most of the day but decided I'd give this cup tie a go after checking at 1700 and finding it was given as on on both websites, I must be honest I was surprised so I double checked by phoning Bamber Bridge to be told yes it was on. I targeted to leave Lancaster as late as possible and before I departed at 1850 I again checked both websites to find no change and then I again tried Bamber Bridge by phone but they were engaged so I set out. I parked up and walked towards the ground by 1925 but realised the floodlights weren't on and there were no cars in the access road. I collared a guy leaving the ground who seemed reluctant to elicit information but when I said I'd come from Lancaster he said it had been called off some 20 minutes earlier.
On getting back I find the referee has called the game off due to a waterlogged pitch which infuriated me even more than I already was simply because if the pitch was in that state at 1915 it was almost certainly in that state 45 minutes earlier because there wasn't that much rain fell on my journey down - quite simply it sucks and is no way of keeping the public interested in supporting non league football and especially these tuppenny bit cups we seem to have to be involved with - I never used to follow these cup competitions but have relented in the last few seasons, I suspect it will be a while before I attend one again, especially away.
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default Re: It's a joke!

17/11/2015, 22:14
Whilst I didn't have the best evening playing 7 a side in the driving rain tonight, I feel a little glad I assumed it would be postponed and put my name down to play.

Had a feeling this would happen all along. Stupid decision to let the game go ahead with the massive band of rain coming in, especially at such a late stage.

Terrible stuff from the Brig. They could have sensibly called it off much earlier. Evil or Very Mad

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20/11/2015, 14:36
Like distantmusic I made the trip, having checked the websites at 6pm or thereabouts. I was lucky, in that I live halfway to Brig, but it was still annoying.
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