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28/12/2015, 19:40
We were by far the better team for the first 45 minutes & unlucky to go in only 1-0 up. Once we stopped getting dragged down to Cables' limited tactics of long-ball & rough-housing we created numerous chances & were denied a second by one the numerous times the liner's flag was raised. We allowed Cables to reduce the second half to a scrap for long periods,although Killer did manage to double our lead with his & our second of the game. Sadly we conceded soon after to a long-range strike which went into Mike's bottom right-hand corner from a fair distance. From my angle I thought that he could have done better, although it was very uneven in that goal mouth & perhaps it took a bobble as he tried to push it round the post. Two MHs wouldn't have stopped the second one which flew into the top right-hand corner,it was a quality strike & I bet he never hits another that good! I thought at this point that we could lose it now, but we showed good spirit to dig in & Jacob Gregory pinched us a 92nd minute winner.Celebration time!
Great to see us looking like we again have goals in the team! #COYDB
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29/12/2015, 11:41
Their keeper made a few great saves, and two disallowed goals on top of that. It's worth noting that Prescot only had three chances, and scored two of them. We on the other hand must have had about a dozen.

We looked like scoring for large periods of the game which was very encouraging. Let's hope we can put a bit of momentum together now.

COYDB Very Happy

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30/12/2015, 11:15
Congratulations to Paul Moran for excellent photos on the club website capturing all three of our goals.
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