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default Dootson

6/1/2016, 14:13
Well that was average although losing is a good way of not having to go to Witton next week, good goal to save the penalty shoot out misery that would no doubt have happened. Drove through the deserted streets of the City on the way home, never seen it as quiet.
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6/1/2016, 21:57
I was looking forward to a penalty shoot out...just because at least then we'd see some goals go in the back of the net!

Add that to the pile of boring Bamber Bridge games. I don't care what the statistics say, they're always pretty low on action. Some may have 3/4/5 goals, but in between them is usually absolutely nothing.

Wouldn't have been able to go to Witton anyway.

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7/1/2016, 15:26
As I recall, apart from the goal which he could do nothing about, Mike Hale didn't have a save to make. Lee Dovey in the Brig goal tipped two over and closed down Terry Cummings. That was the sum total of goal mouth action. The goal was a cracker and Mike Hale's cameo up front was fun, but there wasn't much to stir the blood.
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