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default Lancashire Cup semi-final

24/2/2016, 11:47
What an evening!  I feel I have aged several years What a Face , but in the end it was all worth it Very Happy .

Some things I feel that this match confirmed:

1. Zach Clark is our most dangerous attacker and has to be on from the start.
2. We need two up front anyway.
3. Four central midfielders is one too many.  To my mind Watson is the weakest link and should be on the bench.
4. Related to the above, we don't play with enough width.  At least with Gregory back this should improve.
5. More importantly, we make it too easy for opposition attackers to shoot.  Padiham only got near a chance on three occasions, and each time we stood back and let them shoot, and each time they punished us (with excellent shots, admittedly).  We have to make it harder for our opponents by getting bodies in the way.
6. Most important of all, supporting City is a pleasure and a privilege.
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default Re: Lancashire Cup semi-final

24/2/2016, 23:08
Still recovering from it to be honest...I've never experienced so many highs and lows in one game before Very Happy

I know we didn't exactly played well...but if either team deserved to win it was us. Playing at Bolton will be the highlight of the season without a doubt.

Great noise from the Shed Army.


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