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default Alan Spavin

16/3/2016, 21:44
Just read that Alan Spavin has died today.

Best known for his time at Preston, Spav was signed by Sean Gallagher in 1976. I believe that for most of his career he had played in midfield, but Sean saw a role for him in the back four, which is where he played many of his games for City and was a very fine acquisition.

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default Re: Alan Spavin

18/3/2016, 19:33
I understand that Spav hadn't had the happiest of times in the last few years. May he rest in peace.
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default Re: Alan Spavin

19/3/2016, 10:46
I'm afraid that I have only vague recollections of Spav playing for Lancaster, the main one being on the day of his last (home?) game going on the pitch during the warm-up to get his autograph. Also of course that he was co-owner of the Spavin & Kelley sports shop that was where the bottom wetherspoons is now.
RIP Alan
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