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7/5/2016, 09:39
Any body got any idea what's going on between the local council and them from over the river, If I have read the piece correctly it seems like they are in very secretive talks, so much so half the counsellor haven't got a clue what's happening, Allegedly the talks were behind closed doors and no one allowed to comment on procedures.
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7/5/2016, 17:40
Maybe they're going to give them another interest free loan, whilst they won't even give us one fecking road sign pointing to our ground without charging us an arm and a leg Evil or Very Mad

Councils love a good meeting over nothing as it's what they get paid for. I wouldn't read too much into it. Just working up extra holidays Exclamation

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7/5/2016, 21:27
Perhaps there is someone on the council that is good at football?
There doesn't appear to be anyone currently registered at the glob that is
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