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default Visiting from Scotland

14/9/2016, 22:30
I'll be traveling down from Scotland & staying locally, so won't be watching my local Junior team play Vale of Leven FC this Saturday. My wife & I have decided on a trip to watch Lancaster City play Darlington in the FA Cup is the next best thing.

So a couple of questions, how easy is parking near the ground. best place to stand and get a decent view. What are the pies like. Do you have a social club for a pre match drink.
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14/9/2016, 22:52
If you're early enough as it'll be a larger crowd you can park for free at the ground without any hassle. If it's full by the time you arrive you can easily park on Long Marsh Lane or on most of the residential roads to the West of the ground without a permit.

Best place to stand is either the West Road End terrace (big terrace behind one goal) or the Long Side (sponsors' lounge side.)

Can't comment on the pies as I'm not a pie person, but the chips are good. The social club inside the ground is likely to be rammed after about half 2. We do have a second bar that's usually quieter behind the dugouts, but it's not nearly as well furnished.

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15/9/2016, 17:12
Also real ale pubs in walking distance.
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default Re: Visiting from Scotland

18/9/2016, 20:04
How was your trip mate?
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