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26/11/2016, 19:19
So how does this work then? Surely the referee is the one who makes the decision whether or not the pitch is playable and not give the visiting side the option of not playing.

I presume it must have been very marginal, with games going ahead a handful of miles away at Morecambe and Vale of Lune.
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default Re: Radcliffe Borough

26/11/2016, 19:43
Referee may have been a bit inexperienced, which is why he wanted reassurance from both teams that the game should go ahead.

95% of the pitch was fine. 5% was only partly defrosted. It was perfectly playable, it was similar to a hard pitch in summer, soft grass but hard turf.

At the end of the day Radcliffe decided they didn't want to play us today. Their decision if they want to come back on a Tuesday night! Connerton will be back and hopefully back on top form by then.

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27/11/2016, 13:56
I'm rather surprised that the ref didn't make the decision himself. Isn't that his job? I travelled by train from Wolverhampton to watch the game and therefore wasted a good deal of money and time simply because Radcliffe couldn't be a----ed to play on a perfectly playable pitch.
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