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default FD Academy U21 2 v 1 LCFC U21

12/1/2017, 10:10
Hey guys a tough game last night but thanks to both teams for a good match in poor spectating and playing conditions.
No shame in this defeat as far as I am concerned, in fact I suspect a lot of pluses should be taken - your cup can be either half full or half empty whichever you choose.
It struck me as a game of 2 styles, they were strong, composed and well organised whilst we were always hanging on in there, very competitive and full of character. On the surface that would seem to indicate that we were second best and on the night, football wise, I think we were but not because we lacked the ability, I think consideration of other factors is interesting.
They were a physically bigger and stronger team which was probably down to one key factor, the apparent age differential, it seemed pretty clear looking at the 2 teams they were probably at least an average one year plus older than us man for man, that is a big factor under 21 years, it brings into play mental strength and experience as well as physical and would easily explain the strength/composure aspects.
What I liked about our performance was, despite these factors, we refused to lie down and by the end if the game they were showing signs of pressure physically and mentally.
Everybody has to lose at some point the important thing is not the being beaten it is the performance in defeat and what you take from it - think where you could be another year on.
Keep up the good work guys, looking forward to the coming games - missed Dan P last night, always in my thoughts mate.
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