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default CITY 1 - 2 Colne

1/4/2017, 17:57
Tough one today. Couldn't play much football on that pitch, but regardless that game was lost in midfield. They were happy to let us walk the ball into their half but our final pass was woeful and we won barely any second balls.

Typical home game of late in all honesty. Giant Axe hasn't exactly been a fortress this season has it? Neutral

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default Re: CITY 1 - 2 Colne

1/4/2017, 20:36
It does not help conceding in the first minute then we are chasing the game. Cannot understand why Simon Wills is not starting anymore. Luckily Farsley did not win, but we still have some difficult games to play away. The balls into the box were dreadful most of the game and the strikers never got clear cut chances. Need to get it right next Saturday against Goole and we struggled at their place to create much.
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default Re: CITY 1 - 2 Colne

3/4/2017, 17:49
I was a little bemused by the fact that Ben Hudson started in such a big game after such a long time out. Nothing at all against Ben, but he was understandably a little off the pace for the first 20 minutes or so ( as highlighted by the opening goal)I'm not a fan at all of Simon Wills playing right fullback, but......
Agree with Jonny re the game being lost in midfield. The pitch is horrid & bobbly, but it's the same for both sides.
Colne looked like one of the better sides I've seen (& in a nod to Gaz, no I wouldn't be keen on playing them in the playoffs if that's where we end up)
Still all to play for as it seems both ourselves & Farsley are intent on being in the playoffs Shocked
Get behind the lads, six very-winnable looking points on offer in the next two games, get them & we may push the Celts over the edge (hopefully!)
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default Re: CITY 1 - 2 Colne

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