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Doctor Jimmy
Doctor Jimmy
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default Oliver Wood

7/11/2017, 14:31
Has, according to the club website, left the club due to work commitments, traveling also lack of playing opportunities. Does that open the door for a striker coming in I wonder? Most likely he is expected to return to Colne.
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default Re: Oliver Wood

7/11/2017, 15:36
Not surprised really. He never hit the ground running and has struggled with the formations and tactics that have been asked of him, and in that sense I feel sorry for him. Two up top might have seen a different story. On the subject of someone else coming in, it has to a when and not if. I mentioned on FB that we've now gone 630 minutes since a striker last scored... Louis Mayers at Sutton Coldfield. {I know I need to get out more}
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default Re: Oliver Wood

8/11/2017, 20:36
Obvious that it wasn't working out so a quick divorce was probably the best thing for both sides. To my mind he gave defenders too easy a ride - we could do with someone who can put himself about a bit up front. Oh and I see that Hannu scored last night! Good also to see Ryan getting a game, scoring and getting MOM.
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default Re: Oliver Wood

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